Do you live in the European Union or in a partner country of the European Solidarity Corps Program and want to take part in a short-term or long-term solidarity project in France? Do you want to be part of a meaningful project ? To be part of a community linked by the will to build a better world? We would love to pursue this adventure with you! Here you’ll find all the necessary information regarding Solidarités Jeunesses’ ESC projects and the application process! Please read through the following document carefully to have all the information you need.

Please note that this section will change over the time according to availability. In some projects, it may be written "boys only" or "girls only". This is not a discriminatory measure, we just want to maintain diversity and parity in our projects.

Long-term projects


10/01/2022 to 31/08/2022

Places for volunteers from the EU countries : 1  place

Driving license necessary (priority will be given to male volunteers)


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Place for volunteers from the EU countries : 1 place

Driving License mandatory

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15/01/22 - 14/01/23
Place for volunteers from the EU countries:  1 place (Driving License Mandatory)

No more place for german speaking volunteers

Only for male volunteer for parity



Video presentation by volunteers

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