Volunteering in France

Embark on a transformative journey with Solidarités Jeunesses, where your voice and action become an opportunity to stand for justice, solidarity, and sustainability in local communities across diverse French regions. We are Solidarités Jeunesses, an international French youth NGO dedicated to social transformation and intercultural learning, inclusion through impactful solidarity actions and volunteering projects.

Volunteering with Solidarités Jeunesses is more than an activity; it's a multi-faceted process of learning, experimentation, and personal development. Our projects are not vacations but transformative activities based on solidarity and mutual exchanges. 

Our initiatives are dedicated to fostering international understanding, and our projects warmly welcome participants of all nationalities, genders, and backgrounds. However, as per our partnership policy, to join our projects directly, you must reside in France.

Before you embark on this enriching journey, there are essential details to know. 

volunteering in france

Would you like to do something different during summer? Something to stand up for justice, solidarity and sustainability in local communities while you discover a new face of France and make human connections with people from different backgrounds?

We offer different workcamps for local development in rural areas in several French regions.  

Join our movement this summer and become a volunteer in one of our short term volunteering projects. Act for a more sustainable, equal and inclusive society !

  • If you reside in France, you're welcome to apply directly to any of our workcamps, regardless of your nationality, or our organisation can be your sending organisation if you plan to join a volunteering project outside of France.
  • If you reside outside France, we encourage you to find your national organisation in your resident country. To know who our partners are around the world, please contact us.

What is an international workcamp?

  • A workcamp is a group of 6 to 10 international volunteers from different countries and backgrounds. The group is led by camps and technical leaders
  • From 20 to 30 volunteering work hours per week
  • Different thematics: construction, renovation, environmental protection, organisation of cultural events, etc
  • Food, accommodation and some leisure activities

Our projects are not holidays, voluntourism, or humanitarian aid but rather grassroot projects based on solidarity and mutual exchanges. You will have a lot of fun and leisure activities too.


  • Mornings: Solidarity work, the group will work on the tasks of the project and collective life activities such as cleaning, cooking, shopping etc. 
  • Afternoons: Cultural activities, visits, walks, meetings with the local population, workshops, free time, etc. 
  • Nights: Free time or activities organised by the group.
  • Collective activities: Cooking, tidying up and cleaning are organised and taken in hand by the group of volunteers. Weekends are free time to organise together.

Why participate?

  • Discover a new face of France;
  • Development of autonomy;
  • Discovering manual work techniques;
  • Practise French and discover other languages;
  • If you are a student in France, your workcamp can be validated as a « stage » (convention de stage up to 2 months);
  • Make real human connections.

You don't need to speak French ! The official languages of our workcamps are English or/and French. So it can be a way to learn French too.

IMPORTANT -  What you need to know 

  • Volunteering is a welcoming community that offers a valuable opportunity for the volunteer to learn, experiment, and undergo personal development. Being a volunteer is not just an activity, it’s a multi-faceted process.
  • Everyone is welcome! We are committed to creating an inclusive environment based on mutual respect and promoting the active participation of every person. Our actions are open to all, regardless of origins, beliefs, identities and/or sexual orientations. 
  • Our projects are located mainly in rural areas and stunning sites, like old factories, campsites, small village houses or even castles.
  • During our workcamps, we provide food, accommodation and some leisure activities. Transport to the project is arranged by each participant themselves.
  • Accommodation is collective and varies depending on the project. In a dormitory, yurt, tent ... The conditions are detailed in each description.
  • All projects are designed to be accessible to everyone, without any prerequisites. Learning and sharing on the spot is an integral part of the experience.
  • It is possible to apply with a friend, but we make sure to have mixed groups for greater cultural enrichment.
See our projects here

If you have questions, please contact us to : workcamp.in(at)solidaritesjeunesses

The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is a full-time voluntary service specially designed for young people. It's a unique programme created by the European Union to inspire and empower young people to take part in solidarity projects through volunteering. By getting involved, you'll not only contribute to local communities but also develop essential life skills, foster language and communication skills, mutual understanding, and embrace active European citizenship. 

ECS with SJ

Solidarités Jeunesses (SJ) is a national movement dedicated to non-formal education, emphasising voluntary commitment, political engagement, and social solidarity. SJ hosts volunteers from around the world for short and long-term projects throughout the year. Each delegation offers unique experiences, all aimed at benefiting the local community.

At Solidarités Jeunesses, we embrace diversity and welcome everyone regardless of their background, gender, sexual orientation, or beliefs. Our focus is on motivation for the project.

All projects are located in rural areas, where volunteers reside in shared accommodations with limited wifi access. Join us for a transformative experience of living and learning in a diverse community!

Who can participate?

Young people:

  • between 18 and 30 years old
  • from EU member states or partner countries See the countries here
  • available to participate in the whole duration of the project
  • with strong motivation and interest in the projects
  • who have not already done a long term EVS or ESC (more than 59 days)

How much will it cost ? 

The ESC programme is free of charge! It is funded by a grant from the European Commission. The grant covers accommodations, food, health insurance, necessary visas, and the round trip tickets (according to the maximum sum allowed by the programme). Additionally, you will receive pocket money of €6 per day.

How to apply?

  • For ESC short-term, please contact us at exchanges(at)solidaritesjeunesses.org.
  • For ESC long-term: 
  1. Contact your organisation in your country of residence. They will prepare for your volunteering project and facilitate your journey. If you can't find a sending organisation in your home country, contact us, and we'll connect you to one of our partner organisations.
  2. Carefully read the available project descriptions: dates, available spots, and specific conditions. You can select up to three projects to apply for.
  3. Complete the application form and attach a motivation letter. While we don't require specific qualifications, the motivation letter helps us assess your reasons for wanting to participate. Express why you want to volunteer in a rural area with people from different countries and backgrounds. Ensure your motivation letter is tailored to the specific project you're applying for. If it is not, we will ask you to send us a new letter.

Current projects 

Please note that this section is subject to change depending on availability. Certain projects may indicate « boys only » or « girls only ». This isn't discriminatory; it's simply to ensure diversity and equality within our projects.

Current projects