Withee Tai Community

Projets permanents (à partir d'un mois)

Cha-uat, Nakorn Sri Tammarat Province - Thaïlande


  • Volontariat International
  • 01-01-2019 - 31-12-2019
  • 4 volontaires
  • Adulte  |  18-99 ans
  • 540 EUR de frais de participation Frais de participation qui reviennent directement à l'organisme d'accueil du projet et qui comprennent les frais d'hébergement, de nourriture et de coordination du projet.
  • Code projet: DAL1601MLTV


All the members of this community, living in a few neighborhood villages are active in the social life of their area and want to take full responsibility of their way of life. They first met at the Southern center for Buddhist alternative medicine (MorKeaw) and decided to join together for deeper reflections on how to improve this society. They have good knowledge about alternative education (already practicing home schooling), traditional health, agriculture, herbs… They want to take concrete actions with meaningful results. The important domains we try to be free from in Withee Tai are: education, economy, society, health. It should be starting by ourselves, then the family, the community (natural or chosen), the country, the world. We want to change the world by acting locally, not only dream. Everyone is responsible. So how can we bring the volunteers to the right direction, so she/he can start the improvement for him/herself? How to make the change from a society where you work for a reward (having a good score, having a salary) to an open space where you work by free will, by voluntary spirit? We need to learn together and for this we need each one to open ourselves, break the ice between people, realize our common desire to preserve the world and rely on our volunteer spirit. We should have enough attention to learn from observing ourselves at any time. We shouldn’t try to change others (only if asked for help). About 8 families will be the core of this community based in 5 villages. The main center is the house of Crue Liam where a clay house has been built to welcome volunteers. Volunteers will follow the rhythm of life of these families. THE MINIMUM DURATION OF THIS PROJECT IS 2 MONTH. You can choose when you start and leave the project.



In DaLaa Thailand, what is our motivation? We started our organisation because we really want to support projects, especially for the people (and children) living in the countryside of Thailand, as for example the villages some of us come from and similar places. We want volunteers from Thailand and from all over the world to work together with the local people. This way we hope to create more friendships and understanding between people. Also by doing voluntary work (young) people get a good experience in working out of their heart, sharing and learning other ways of doing things, speaking English and having fun together. We hope more people become aware of the need of voluntary work and the joy voluntary work can give you. We want to work together with existing NGO’s and projects to share experiences and hopefully together we have more strength to accomplish projects.


AIMS of the PROJECT: 1. Improve the quality of human way of life 2. Start a new kind of community exempt of slavery, on the base of family and with a healthy environment. Participants would feel attached with: ➢ freedom in following their dreams ➢ good relationships between people ➢ unity and solidarity as well as preserving diversity The seven agreements of Withee Tai community: 1- Find our common ground within our differences. 2- Learn from others by observing inside ourselves. 3- Say what you do and do what you say. 4- Everything is based on the relationship of brotherhood. 5- Develop heart of ownership. 6- Positive thinking. (Get free from judging others). 7- Do not take side part from one or another when a conflict occurs. At Withee Tai, volunteers practice healthy activities for body, mind and soul: morning walk, yoga, discussion-evaluation in evening, prayer before meals, health camp... For the daily routine, we decide it together with the hosts and the team of volunteers. It includes collecting food, cooking and cleaning of course. For the rest, it is not fixed and depends of the team and time of the year. Some days will be about agriculture, some about activities with kids (joining Withee Tai learning center), and some for construction or garbage management. There are easily changes when people come to visit, the hosts are invited to meetings, other activities; you may join or stay home to do something on your own... The quantity of work would depend on you; also, if you find some project of your own, everything is possible. And to be frankly, when you chose and enjoy what you are doing, it's no reason to call it work anymore, it's just activities in the day. We also organize dialogue with the community members about learning process of participants, evaluations and future plans, at least once a month. ➢ WITHEE TAI COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTER Since November 2016, Withee Tai has been officially registered as a community-based learning center. There are about 25 of these centers in Thailand. They are free to organize their way of education and recognized at the same time. There are now over 10 kids registered and more are interested, but everyone around is also part of the learning process. We give equal importance to everyone; there are no actual teachers but 3 equal groups for decisions and preparing adapted program to each child: children, parents and facilitators (mentors). The aim of the learning center is to improve the life quality, improve: 1- our soul 2- our environment 3- our professional skills (find our way) Being free means for us being happy to live together. Children will learn from joining and practice concrete activities some will be for everyone like yearly meeting, art camp, thanks rice and water festival, health and family camp, or walking trips. Other will be optional depending of the child interest. It includes yoga, healthy cooking, gardening and rice planting, languages learning in everyday life with volunteers, economic project, local cultural event, international family camp, making natural dam, clay house building, social enterprise (business) project, local cultural events… and any new possible activity proposed by kids or volunteers around can be included. The only real obligation for kids to join this learning center; and it could be interesting for volunteer to do so; is to take time every day (at least regularly) to think about these 3 questions: What did I do (today)? What did I learn? How did I feel? and to find a way to record it, drawing, writing, … This is for a double reason, first to be able to learn effectively about ourselves and secondly to be able to explain and show to people outside our learning process. Indeed, not sending our kids to a regular school is usually not well understood by people around. There is also a possibility for each kid to be back to a regular school and the learning center offers the equivalence with a proper system of step to reach. ➢ For those interested, you may assist to organize health camp together with the Southern center for Buddhist alternative medicine (MorKeaw) . (http://morkeawninepills.blogspot.com/2013/10/balancing-of-hot-and-clod-elements-in.html)

Logement & Nourriture

Volunteers’ bedroom will be in the clay house, you may need to share your room. There will be simple mattress, pillow and mosquito net. You will need to bring sleeping bag. Volunteer will be part of the family who will take care of them for everything including food, security and transport. You will join daily tasks for collecting food and cooking. Local people eat rice (or noodles) 2 or 3 times a day with side dishes like curries, omelets, local leaves and vegetables and quite many fruits depending of the season.

Emplacement & Temps libre

Cha-uat district, Nakorn Sri Tammarat province, Southern Thailand Meeting point: Hat Yai Airport


the minimum stay required is 2-month service, 17,000 Baht, approx. 440 Euro The fee will be used for living expenses (gas, water, electricity, food) and materials used in projects/activities. Some part of the fee will be used to support Thai volunteers and our organization. For volunteers intending to stay longer than 3 months, from month 3 onward, the fee per month is 7,000 Baht. For example, 3-month participation, the fee will be 24,000 Baht (17,000+7,000), approx. 620 Euro **Volunteers should bring their fee payment in cash to our office the first day they arrive. We prefer the Thai currency Not Euro so please exchange it before. In case saving it on international credit card, you should make sure with your bank if your card really works with any Thai ATM machine. Some of our long-term volunteers had difficulty with this resulting in a long awaiting time to receive a new one sent from their home country. The volunteers should be ready to stay in a remote area, to adapt to the local conditions with only basic facilities and with few people able to speak in English. Volunteers should be able to handle spontaneous working environment and constant changes in the plans. The mentality and way of thinking is very different from the western world. There will have often activities with the children. To have responsibility for yourself, the kids and full involvement in community matters is a must.

Notes Supplémentaires

Project page: http://www.dalaa-thailand.com/wordpress/?page_id=2158 Participation Fee: 2-month service, 20,000 Baht ( approx. 540 Euro) 3rd month : 10,000 Baht 4th month and after: 9000 Baht per month. Volunteers who apply for this project will be invited to participate to a « session de préparation au départ ». During this session, many things will be discussed as the volunteering projects, your fears and motivations, the intercultural shock, some practical aspects, ect.