Traditional New Year with children and families

Court terme (1 à 3 semaines)

HANOI - Viêt Nam

Social - Work with kids - Culturel

  • Chantier International
  • 12-01-2020 - 20-01-2020
  • 15 volontaires
  • Adulte  |  18-99 ans
  • 200 EUR de frais de participation Frais de participation qui reviennent directement à l'organisme d'accueil du projet et qui comprennent les frais d'hébergement, de nourriture et de coordination du projet.
  • Code projet: SJV1916


Tết, or Vietnamese New Year, is the most important celebration inVietnamese culture. The word is a shortened form of Tết Nguyên Đán, which is Sino-Vietnamese for "Feast of the First Morning of the First Day". Tết celebrates the arrival of spring based on the Vietnamese variation of the Chinese lunisolar calendar, which usually has the date falling between the months of January or February It takes place from the first day of the first month of the Vietnamese calendar (around late January or early February) until at least the third day. Many Vietnamese prepare for Tết by cooking special holiday foods and cleaning the house. These food includes Chung cake (bánh chưng), bánh dày, dried young bamboo soup (canh măng), giò and sticky rice. There are a lot of customs practiced during Tết, such as visiting a person's house on the first day of the new year (xông nhà), ancestral worshipping, wishing New Year's greetings, giving lucky money to children and elderly people, and opening a shop. Tết is also an occasion for pilgrims and family reunions. During Tết, Vietnamese visit their relatives and temples, forgetting about the troubles of the past year and hoping for a better upcoming year. They consider



Volunteers will make traditional Chung cakes and prepare special performances and gifts for thedisadvantaged people.

Logement & Nourriture

Volunteers will stay at the dormitory with basic conditions. Breakfast and dinner will be provided at accommodation, only lunch at local restaurant near project site.

Emplacement & Temps libre

Hanoi Nearest International Airport Noi Bai International Airport (HAN)