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Education - Culturel - Agriculture

  • Volontariat International
  • 04-01-2019 - 31-12-2019
  • 4 volontaires
  • 18-80 ans
  • 27000 THB de frais de participation
  • SVB17




Suvarnabhumi means "Golden Land" in the Buddhist scriptures referring to the kingdom of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand where they are various and abundant food and cultures. Beginning of 2017, the collaboration of Suvarnabhumi project has been established starting from Cambodian Youth Action (CYA) and Volunteer Spirit Association (VSA Thailand) build up the Bridge of Suvarnabhumi voluntary project focusing on Education and Culture theme. BACKGROUND OF 2 PROJECTS IN SUVARNABHUMI PROJECT There are 2 projects that the volunteer needs to work in 2 countries following the program for 2 months; Intercultural and Language (ICL) – Nakhon Ratchasima Project, Thailand, and CYA – Global Education Center Siem Reap Project, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Intercultural and Language (ICL) – Nakhon Ratchasima Project, Thailand Intercultural and Language (ICL) – Nakhon Ratchasima, the learning and sharing the intercultural and language still are the main purpose. The volunteers can share and learn culture, language, and knowledge with the local community and children in school. Also, the volunteers will know more about Thailand during working in the local community Nowadays, English language as the global language and intercultural learning are important for local Thai people, especially Thailand as a tourism country. After the project was created by VSA Thailand and has been successful for seven years. The great volunteers came to give the opportunity for children in schools where they are in the poor local community. Many local people can improve their English skills through a group by a group of volunteer, or at least they try to speak the English language more. They dare to face and work with the foreigner even though they cannot speak English. Moreover, the volunteers have changed the local community. They used to stay lively and trustily with the foreigner. Local people have a chance to learn, accept, and adopt the ways of life with the new cultures from the volunteers who are like an intercultural ambassador. In 2019, the project needs the volunteers, who are the most important of the part, to continue for developing the potential of a local community that the last volunteers did, to help children in school, and local community still practice the English language, to learn your own language, and to make them learn more about the different culture. On the other hand, the volunteers also get the opportunity to know local food, local transportation, local occupation and local culture with living in local habitation in the community. We believe that understanding several cultures can make the world be peaceful. CYA – Global Education Center Siem Reap CYA – Global Education Center Siem Reap was started in August 2016 as a non-profit education center which aims at providing free alternative education for children and teenagers, providing local youth and local people chances to learn languages, computer, and to have access to global education/information through internet and our library and to have their first chance to meet and interact with different people from different cultures and backgrounds from around the world. Handicraft center is going to be the next step of development to involve the women in the community having jobs to do besides working in the field and to keep them busy from doing useless things. GEC needs your mental and physical contribution to these foundations; we welcome all motivated individuals for the winter! At the starting point of setting the Global Education Center, we welcome motivated individuals for supporting us to make it happen for the community children and families for access to global information and the income generation. What will volunteers do? • Education: organizing the students with a specific topic in English, conducting reading activities in the library, teaching computer skills with the students from the community. • Construction: Renovating the center facilities, building new facilities • Development: supporting the social enterprises at the center for a sustainable development project • Environment: conducting the workshop on raising awareness of environmental protection, rubbish, trash management system to be introduced in the community


Education and Culture – The long history of Suvarnabhumi present valuable identities cultural which is the goal of the project. Learning long-lasting culture by non-formal education program in both countries. The Suvarnabhumi project will implement the HAPPY Model • Help, the volunteer’s main task is to run a project in support of the local community. Volunteers use their time, energy and competencies to help those most in need, while at the same time helping themselves to further develop personally and professionally. • Absorb, the volunteering services will be done in a way to support the learning of the volunteers at a maximum in various personal and professional competencies. While the process will be supported by nature process on non-formal education tools (language learning, mentoring). • Participate, apart from their regular projects (usually service oriented), the volunteers should be engaged in at least one other action or initiative as a manifestation of their active participation in the life of the local community. The hosting organization will support the volunteer in this aspect, selecting an action that fits both the needs of the community and the learning needs of the volunteer. • Promote, the volunteers that do volunteering services in different places are perceived as ambassadors of global change. They are expected to promote both the idea of volunteering as an act of active citizenship and the idea of sustainable global development. This promotion should happen both within the local hosting and the local sending communities, which is why both the hosting and the sending organizations will be responsible to encourage and support the volunteer's efforts in this direction. • Young, it will be taken into consideration from all the people involved in the service that it is a young initiative and it should be designed as one– fitting the interests and learning needs of the young people, being friendly and fun! 2 months program starts from Thailand to Cambodia. The Suvarnabhumi project starts 1st of every month in Thailand and continues the 2nd month in Cambodia. • 1st – 5th of the first-month Arrival in Thailand and Orientation • 6th – 29th of first month Participating in the voluntary project in Thailand • 30th of first-month Evaluation with VSA • 1st – 29th of second month Participating in the voluntary project in Cambodia • 30th of second-month Evaluation with CYA Volunteers need to participate in full time in 2 countries. VOLUNTEER PROFILE • Open for volunteers around the world • Age from 20 years old • Can participate in full period 2 months respectively.

Logement & Nourriture

In Thailand, the volunteer will stay with a local host family. • Nature environment, basic and simple. • Mattress, pillow, and fan are provided. • Thai toilet and bath. • No food and drinks except water in the sleeping area for your care because some animals such as the mouses, ants, will come to share your food. • Please keep clean and tidy. Volunteers expect to eat Thai food. A local host family will prepare the food for the volunteer. In Cambodia, Angkor Voluntary House which is a guesthouse providing a proper facility for the volunteers which is bed with mattresses, fan, pillows, and blanket. There are a shower room and toilet in each room provided. The food will be prepared by the staff, but we are asked to make the washing by ourselves. There is wifi provided, but limited data usage. There is a local market just in front of the accommodation, some restaurants with various types of food, where you can find easy access to enjoy your daily free time.

Emplacement & Temps libre

There are many beautiful tourist attractions in Nakhon Ratchasima province. We would like to recommend Khao Yai National Park and Phimai Historical Park Khao Yai National Park – It is the first national park in Thailand, comprising mixed forest, rainforest, and meadows. Sightseeing on Khao Yai is one of the interesting things to do in Nakhon Ratchasima. There are more than 3,000 kinds of flowers, 250 kinds of birds, and 67 kinds of mammals like elephants, tigers, gibbons, deer, and boars up there. Phimai Historical Park – The beautiful historical castle is located in Pimai District, Nakhon Ratchasima You can find more information at:


• Teaching clothes, every shirt needs to cover the shoulders, trousers for man and skirt for a woman, the skirt should cover your knees. Important! No camisole, tank top or shorts, you are a volunteer who respects the culture, not a real traveler. • Brogue shoe or canvas shoes • Medicine as you think necessary • Mosquito repellant • Cap or hat as Thai weather is hot. • Your traditional music and costumes (CDs, ideas for games/ activities). • Materials or sources (brochures, maps, souvenirs, pictures, flags, or handicrafts to introduce your country and culture). • Toilet paper (you can buy at the local shop in the village) • Sunglasses and sun-block cream

Notes Supplémentaires

The volunteers should love to play with kids. Please bring some teaching materials such as a book, kids’ education game, stationary, etc. from your country. It will be a good way for cultural exchange and make students have more motivation. No smoking and alcohol drinking in the project.