Ehime - Japon - Chantier court terme


  • Chantier International
  • 06-09-2018 - 12-09-2018
  • 4 volontaires
  • 18-99 ans
  • 24000 JPY de frais de participation
  • NICE-18-09061


Support the disaster area suffered from heavy rain and flood in Western Japan In July 2018, unexpected heavy rainfall in Western Japan brought big floods and landslides that has robbed over 200 people' life. The water level reached 5 meters in the worst suffered areas. Ozu is a home town of one NICE staff and has got one of the most erious damage that may take a long time to recover (e.g., fields, houses, roads, etc. as well as mental parts of people), so NICE has decided to organize this workcamp to support local people in this and surrounding areas with local NPOs and other stakeholders. But the area is now completely safe, so don't worry about it. There will be a pilot workcamp by a few NICE staff and active members in Aug. to check the need and develop the action plans.



Helping local people to clean their houses. Carrying damaged furnitures out and scooping out mud from the houses. Work might be varied and changed due to the needs from local people, so volunteers need to be flexible! Study theme: Volunteers will learn how to act and what kind of attitude we need in disaster area.

Logement & Nourriture

Youth center in Ozu city

Emplacement & Temps libre

Other activities: Hot spring, traditional townscape Location: Ozu city and Uwajima city, Ehime pref. Terminal: The nearest international airport is Osaka (Kansai), and domestic airport is Matsuyama (1.5 hours by bus to Ozu). But please don't book the flights before NICE (hosting organization) will inform (since there might be some change).


Positive attitude to work hard and for a long time, actively communication with Japanese local people Participation fee: 24,000 JPY to be paid on their arrivals

Notes Supplémentaires

Pour les projets en dehors de l'Europe, Solidarités Jeunesses organise des sessions de préparation au départ, qui aident à appréhender le choc interculturel, partager autour de ses craintes et motivations, rencontrer d'autres volontaires qui vont vivre le même type d'expérience, etc. Plus d'infos sur demande.