Megalitik Village Heritage Project II

Court terme (1 à 3 semaines)



  • Chantier International
  • 09-09-2019 - 22-09-2019
  • 15 volontaires
  • Adulte  |  18-99 ans
  • 220 EUR de frais de participation Frais de participation qui reviennent directement à l'organisme d'accueil du projet et qui comprennent les frais d'hébergement, de nourriture et de coordination du projet.
  • Code projet: IIWC1915


Prai Ijing Village Heritage Project located in Sumba Island. Prai Ijing village is a traditional village which you can find the traditional house. In Prai Ijing village we can find the uniqueness of the houses with the structure of the building that have meaning. The village has a lot of story and tradition that the local still apply it. Due to the frequent visitors come from local and fourigener everyday to this village, make this village become on of the touristic village in Sumba. However, the village need more set up from the infrasturucture and also the cleaness of the traditional village. Since the visitor not only local but also foreigner, the local could not explain how beautiful their culture with using english. So, when the tourist come they just filming and take pictures without knowing the tradition deeply due to the less skill of the local



Indonesia International Work Camp of Perkumpulan Keluarga Berencana Indonesia–Eng: Indonesia Planned Parenthood Association (IIWC of PKBI) is the first international voluntary services organization in Indonesia founded since 1998. We existed and actively involved in promoting global issues which rise from local potential. We believe that every community has potential to be developed by their strength. The presence of volunteers in community will be a trigger to raising local potential and spreading the spirit of volunteerism.


The volunteers will help the local people to manage their village by fixing and set up the village in order the village will look more beautiful and also the volunteers will help to provide information about the local culture to the tourist who come to visit the village. The volunteers also will teach english the local so that the local can explain about Sumba culture to the visitors who come to visit to this traditional village.

Logement & Nourriture

The volunteers will stay in the Traditional House of Sumba at Prai Ijing Village.

Emplacement & Temps libre

Prai Ijing Traditional Village, West Sumba Regency, Sumba Island, Indonesia.


So enthusiastic local children and local people, be patient and have big smiles feel free to bring some equipment for the students such as map of your country. And be ready for the very basic accommodation, since the volunteers will stay in the traditional village. All volunteers who want to participate in this project will be invited to attend the preparation session (le week-end de préparation au départ) organised by Solidarités Jeunesses before their departure