Mashiko 19-05

Tochigi - Japon - Volontariat Moyen Terme


  • Volontariat International
  • 08-05-2019 - 27-07-2019
  • 5 volontaires
  • 18-99 ans
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  • NICE-LW-MS19-05


Organized together with Tochigi Conservation Corps (TCC). Conservation Corps is long term workcamp programs in USA where 10-20 youth work for local development and environment. About 25,000 vols. join every year. To create similar programs in Japan, TCC was created in 2009 by the leader who was a LMTV coordinator of NICE. Because there are few children who are able to play and grown up in nature, TCC creates a children’s forest in which local community residents can play.



We will 1) maintain/ upgrade the children's forest 2) maintain bamboo forest 3) involve many people who has interesting environmental projects (Ex. to organize weekend workcamp) 4) revive the forest in disaster area in Iwaki city, Fukushima that got huge damaged by Tsunami.

Logement & Nourriture

Single room in very big beautiful house, it is called Meizai-an. Cooked by vols. by turn. All basic facilities are provided.

Emplacement & Temps libre

Mashiko town is located in the east part of Tochigi prefecture and famous for potter, so the atmosphere of the town is artistic with some cultural heritages. The population of the town is about 25,000. Terminal The nearest airport is Narita / Haneda airport. From the airport to the meeting point, 3-4 hours by train and 40 min. by car. *Volunteer needs to arrive in Japan on the day before the project starts and can leave Japan after 22:00 on the last day.


Japanese speaking skill is not necessary, but high motivation to learn and speak Japanese language is needed. Vols. from Asia is priority. But if no volunteer before start 2 months, NICE open to except Asian volunteer. High motivation to work hard and interests in environment issues and local development.