Kok Riang

Projets permanents (à partir d'un mois)

KokMuang Klong Hoy Khong, Songkhla province - Thaïlande


  • Volontariat International
  • 01-01-2019 - 31-12-2019
  • 6 volontaires
  • Adulte  |  18-99 ans
  • 540 EUR de frais de participation Frais de participation qui reviennent directement à l'organisme d'accueil du projet et qui comprennent les frais d'hébergement, de nourriture et de coordination du projet.
  • Code projet: DAL1301MLTV


Mr. Suthep Suwankrajang known as Lung Jaeng, the host of the project has a strong social network and he is involved in voluntary work, social activism and forest conservation for many years. Since 2013, he has been starting a big garden, 3km from his home with DaLaa volunteers and friends. They grow a variety of non-chemical vegetables, rice and fruits. It’s like a social garden where everyone is welcome to drink some tea and experiment agriculture, a learning space for everyone, to grow healthy food and to exchange good ideas. Since 2015, DaLaa office was built on his home land and nowadays we became a community sharing everyday life. We called this place Voluntary Service Center (VSC) and we organize quite some activities like children week end activities, introduction and gathering for our middle and long term volunteers, family and children camp once a year and for 2018, we plan to organize mini workcamps with our members. Lung Jaeng also has got a new activity for 2018. He decided with his friends to organize monthly trips in Pha Dam forest (20 km away) to replant fruit trees all over with the deep aim that animals come back to live there. At the same time, members will enjoy the teaching from the nature while walking around. THE MINIMUM DURATION OF THIS PROJECT IS 2 MONTH. You can choose when you start and leave the project.



In DaLaa Thailand, What is our motivation? We started our organisation because we really want to support projects, especially for the people (and children) living in the countryside of Thailand, as for example the villages some of us come from and similar places. We want volunteers from Thailand and from all over the world to work together with the local people. This way we hope to create more friendships and understanding between people. Also by doing voluntary work (young) people get a good experience in working out of their heart, sharing and learning other ways of doing things, speaking English and having fun together. We hope more people become aware of the need of voluntary work and the joy voluntary work can give you. We want to work together with existing NGO’s and projects to share experiences and hopefully together we have more strength to accomplish projects.


AIMS of the PROJECT: 1. Start a new kind of community based on love, responsibility, harmony and freedom. 2. Our members grow in wisdom and our garden produces healthy food. 3. We can gather members and children more and more around meaningful volunteer activities. 4. Pha dam forest and we can find back our rich nature. Regular work at Kok Riang is at the garden, 3km from home. It involves nurturing vegetables plants and fruit trees, compost making, collecting vegetables for our own consumption, growing seeds or nursing young plants, lots of weeding and watering too. The work may be physically hard or repetitive but there is no pressure and you will have a lot of time to relax. We have a small hut and a kitchen with wood fire and a well at the garden. Many friends come to visit so the hot time of the day is usually spent there. On week ends, in afternoon, we started activities with local kids, usually we do many games but we also did some crafts, planting, cooking... depending of the volunteers. We are thinking to start an alternative school in the future for kids who are not adapted to regular school. The daily tasks like cleaning and cooking are shared by everyone. It takes some time and energy to have an healthy food and environment. When done with free will and dedication for the community, we can learn a lot from this too. Volunteers should feel responsible for the community. It means they will become the hosts when visitors are coming, take part in new volunteer introduction and other activities organized through the Voluntary Service Center. We hope to organize few mini workcamps where Kok RIang volunteers will be included. The last part is a new project for us but Lung Jaeng has been trying to protect this forest since he is young. It’s called Pha Dam forest. We will create a fruit tree nursery and the plan is to have a trip once a month into this forest and to plant many fruit trees. After many animals have been killed, many fruit trees species that needed animals to spread disappeared. We believe we can reverse the process.

Logement & Nourriture

Volunteers will live with Lung Jaeng and his family in the same house compound. Some of DaLaa staff are living there as well. Small huts are provided for volunteers. For the main house where family lives, it’s a local style lifted one story wooden house. During the day, volunteers can hang out under the house where it is also place for cooking and eating. Regards to the hut for volunteers, there is a thin mattress and mosquito net provided. You may need to bring your own soft mattress if you’re prone to backache or wouldn’t be able to sleep on hard surface. The bathroom and toilet are separated from the main house. For shower, there’s no hot water and the restroom is local squatting style. The living condition will be very simple, and you may find it completely different from your own country. Local people eat rice (or noodles) 3 times a day with side dishes like curries, omelets, local leaves and vegetables. We get some food from the garden and shop other at the local markets

Emplacement & Temps libre

Baan Kok Riang, Klong Hoy Khong district, Songkhla province, Southern Thailand Meeting point: Hat Yai Airport


The minimum stay required is 2-month service, 17,000 Baht, approx. 440 Euro The fee will be used for living expenses (gas, water, electricity, food) and materials used in projects/activities. Some part of the fee will be used to support Thai volunteers and our organization. For volunteers intending to stay longer than 3 months, from month 3 onward, the fee per month is 7,000 Baht. For example, 3-month participation, the fee will be 24,000 Baht (17,000+7,000), approx. 620 Euro **Volunteers should bring their fee payment in cash to our office the first day they arrive. We prefer the Thai currency Not Euro so please exchange it before. In case saving it on international credit card, you should make sure with your bank if your card really works with any Thai ATM machine. Some of our long-term volunteers had difficulty with this resulting in a long awaiting time to receive a new one sent from their home country. The volunteers should be ready to stay in a community and to take responsibilities and initiatives to adapt to the local conditions with basic facilities and non-English speaking people. Volunteers should be able to handle spontaneous working environment and constant changes in the plans. The mentality and way of thinking is very different from the western world.

Notes Supplémentaires

Project page: http://www.dalaa-thailand.com/wordpress/?page_id=1149 Participation Fee: 2-month service, 20,000 Baht ( approx. 540 Euro) 3rd month : 10,000 Baht 4th month and after: 9000 Baht per month The fee will be used for living expenses (gas, water, electricity, food) and materials used in projects/activities. Some part of the fee will be used to support Thai volunteers and our organization. Volunteers who apply for this project will be invited to participate to a « session de préparation au départ ». During this session, many things will be discussed as the volunteering projects, your fears and motivations, the intercultural shock, some practical aspects, ect.