Projets permanents (à partir d'un mois)

PATTA - BANDH 173233, INDIA - Inde

Social - Education

  • Volontariat International
  • 01-01-2019 - 31-12-2019
  • 2 volontaires
  • Adulte  |  18-99 ans
  • 400 EUR de frais de participation Frais de participation qui reviennent directement à l'organisme d'accueil du projet et qui comprennent les frais d'hébergement, de nourriture et de coordination du projet.
  • Code projet: RC-MTV-Health-5/19


In rural India open defecation is still prevalent. Even though the State Government has made it mandatory to build private toilets, the people are indifferent and unaware of the demerits and adverse impact on their health. Garbage disposal is another serious problem and adversely impacts environment and the health. THE MINIMUM DURATION OF THIS PROJECT IS 3 MONTH. You can choose when you start and leave the project.



RUCHI is a non-profit organisation committed to community development since 1983. RUCHI was established keeping in mind the problems and restrictions that a remote community faces on day to day basis. These could be due to poverty, lack of knowledge, poor infrastructure or at times difficult terrain. As a result RUCHI has always implemented its project with people centered approach and gave priority to community development. With 36 years in this field, RUCHI has accumulated extensive knowledge in community development with project area ranging from semi-urban background to extremely remote communities requiring two days of walk certain time of the year. Over time RUCHI has also developed and successfully implemented low cost technologies. We are now acting as a resource organization for Indian Government and other NGO’s pursuing community development.


Sanitation is a big problem in rural as well as urban slums in this mountainous area where there is no effective disposal system in practice. This affects their health and production capacity. The volunteers will help to educate and create awareness involving youth and rural people on water, sanitation, hygiene and health standards(WASH). The volunteers will have to be innovative so that they can design and use their own tools in consultation with RUCHI team with regard to their appropriateness and local needs. This project will help Volunteers to work with villagers to initiate waste management through our Waste Force Campaign. Volunteers will be part of a cleanliness drive where they will visit schools and villages to conduct a cleanliness campaign. During this drive, volunteers can inform students, youth, women and villagers about the importance of segregation of waste, reducing use of plastic and proper disposal of waste. Volunteers can use creative mediums like charts, slogans, posters, banners, t-shirts, quotes, videos, films, photographs and discussions to educate villagers about different methods of waste management.

Logement & Nourriture

This will be simple and shared accommodation. All volunteers will be staying in RUCHI complex accommodation with basic amenities. We shall provide mattresses but the volunteers are required to bring their own bed sheets, sleeping bags and personal toiletries.Food offered will be simple authentic Indian vegetarian and freshly cooked. Three meals a day will be served. Assistance while cooking is desired of volunteers. Volunteers are free to cook meals of their country choice on every Sunday.

Emplacement & Temps libre

Location: 10 villages in Dharampur Development Block


Volunteers with interest in sanitation and waste disposal are welcome. Visa: All volunteers are required to get Indian visa to enter the country. As per the new regulations an employment visa is required for their placement with Indian NGOs. For details kindly refer to RUCHI will be happy to assist you with required documents. (Though volunteers are welcome to join us any time of the year in the ongoing projects of RUCHI, a few period specific projects for MLTVs are described below to choose from)

Notes Supplémentaires

Placement: Placement is offered for 3 to 6 months. Joining dates: Open Volunteers have to take care of their own leisure travel costs and all personal expenses during free time. Project related travel expenses using public transport shall be reimbursed within a fixed cap. Volunteers have to be 18 years or older, bearing good moral character and respect local as well other culture. Volunteer behavior will directly reflect RUCHI image within community therefore good work ethics are highly desired and expected. Volunteers who apply for this project will be invited to participate to a « session de préparation au départ ». During this session, many things will be discussed as the volunteering projects, your fears and motivations, the intercultural shock, some practical aspects, ect.