Fujian Tulou - World Heritage Preservation and Promotion

Da Ling Xia Village, Yongding, Longyan, Fujian Province - Chine - Chantier court terme


  • Chantier International
  • 21-07-2018 - 01-08-2018
  • 12 volontaires
  • 18-99 ans
  • 160 EUR de frais de participation
  • DWC-03-18


Fujian Tulous (土楼) are unique Chinese rural dwellings built between the 12th and 20th centuries by the mountainous Hakka people living in Fujian. In China, the Chinese traditional concept called “Feng-Shui” focuses on the relationship between human being and nature. Therefore, the Tulous were built with great consideration of the harmony with and respect for their surrounding nature in a very sustainable and energy efficient way, using local materials. They are interdependent with the mountains and rivers and form an ecological connection with nature over time. However, with globalization and the expansion of cities today, the environment is sometime ignored and new structures are being built around the Tulous. Moreover, a Tulou is usually inhabited by one family clan of several generations, and the enclosed structure allows for members to work together defending each other. Individual rooms provide privacy, but there are also communal areas, which provides for cultural gatherings and communication. Nowadays, the community dependence is weakening with young inhabitants moving out to the cities for work or for school. Emphasis on private property is growing and villagers prefer living in larger and more modern buildings. Project Aims: Preserve, protect, and promote Tulou (background, history, culture, architect) Enhance international exchange and promote sustainable tourism and development of the Tulou Inspire future changemakers who are impactful towards world heritage preservation and sustainable tourism and/or building structures



Zinong, a sharing platform of natural and cultural living, enables participants to experience the culture, food and handicraft in different regions. Their main destinations are rural villages. Through deep excavation of village’s culture, history, handicraft and nature elements, Zinong combines education with tourism to develop various in-depth experiential learning programmes. Zinong’s vision: Guide the city to know the village again; Help the villagers build the village together Zinong’s mission: Discover, share, and build together the beautiful village together Zinong was awarded the First Prize in the Social Enterprise Venture Capital Competition organized by the British Embassy in 2015. In September 2016, Zinong has received the social enterprise certification in the 5th China Charity Fair organized by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in China, and has become the only organization in Fujian to be recognized as the “Good Social Enterprise in China” for their contribution to the poverty alleviation and development in rural areas. At the same time, Zinong’s projects have also been reported multiple times by the media including China Central Television (CCTV) and Fujian Daily. Their works are also highly valued by the government in Fujian Province.


Learn why and how to renovate Tulou and assist in renovating and beautifying its surrounding environment Continue the building of a Tulou wall Share the World/Cultural Heritage of your country with the local people Interact with local villagers through cultural activities Participate in discussion on changemaking stories or ideas on world heritage preservation and sustainable building structures whether they are from your country or from others

Logement & Nourriture

Workcampers will be staying in an old village school dormitory with simple beddings. A cooking and cleaning schedule will be arranged at the beginning of the workcamp, and workcampers will take turns with cooking and cleaning chores. There will be a day where volunteers may cook and share their own country’s food.

Emplacement & Temps libre

Da Ling Xia Village, Yongding, Longyan, Fujian Province Closest Airport: Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN)

Notes Supplémentaires

Participation Fee: 1,200 RMB (~160 EURO)