Exchanging culture, organizing events, and supporting teaching Chinese or Japanese for students at the university/college

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Lao Cai, Ha Long - Viêt Nam

Social - Education

  • Volontariat International
  • 01-01-2019 - 31-12-2019
  • 1 volontaire
  • Adulte  |  20-99 ans
  • 285 EUR de frais de participation Frais de participation qui reviennent directement à l'organisme d'accueil du projet et qui comprennent les frais d'hébergement, de nourriture et de coordination du projet.
  • Code projet: SJV-L1907


Recently, a close relationship and bilateral collaboration between Vietnam and Japan has been promoted and continues developing. The number of Japanese investors in Vietnam has been rising in many fields including education, human resources and labor training, preventing climate change, and culture exchange. Cooperation in education and training between the two countries has developed in many forms. Japan is one of the largest non-refundable aid providers in the education and training sector in Vietnam. Therefore, many students in Vietnam choose studying Japanese as a second language for their future job. When learning Chinese, Vietnamese students will have more opportunities to access traditional Chinese culture, learn new cultures and other ways of seeing the world. Learning Chinese helps students to understand more deeply, through the grammatical origin of the culture behind the words. Is this a great opportunity for young people who know Chinese and want to develop themselves? China invests in the Vietnamese market with many long-term investments. It is unmistakable that Vietnam and China are neighbors, no matter how deep the relationship between the two countries, a deep understanding of a giant neighbor is a longstanding strategy of Vietnam. However, the fact that learning Chinese is extremely difficult. Chinese is the most complex language in the world. Coming from another culture and listening to native speakers is like going to a friend's party and trying to understand the jokes inside. Today, China can be considered as one of the world powers (after the United States). It can not be denied that China is the cradle of human civilization. With this project, SJ Vietnam wishes to give more chance for students to learn, exchange culture and actively take advangtage of career opportunities



Participating every regular class and provide vocal pronunciation when needed. Volunteers will organize after-class activities including extra pronunciation&speaking class, cooking class, movie etc. They will have daily close communication with teachers and students to understand their problems and needs.

Logement & Nourriture

The college or university provides accommodation with services like as a hostel. Meals areserved at the canteen and vegetarian catering is possible.

Emplacement & Temps libre

Lao Cai, Ha Long Nearest International Airport Noi Bai International airport (HAN)


Bring a laptop. The volunteer should be enthusiastic, optimistic, and ready to deal with differences. They need to adapt quickly with new environment, culture and life style. 7.500.000 VND/month (around 285€ according to the exchange rate) INCLUDED Accommodation, food, transportation at project site, and necessary materials for projects. EXCLUDED Free-time at the weekend, transfer fee is on volunteers’ account