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PAYS Italie
18/07/2022 29/07/2022
Âge : 15 +
code :  IG22-11 GoTEENS1
Thématique MANU AGRI
Nombre de volontaires 9 VOLS
Langue english Italian
Les frais sont à régler en deux fois


The Association Casa San Giacomo promotes actions, initiative, activities for schools, for family open events to locals to spread a culture of environmental sustainability and for enhancing the idea of living in a farm, the art and crafts. Moreover, the Association aims to enhance the natural, cultural, social and historical resources of Giuliana, a small medieval mountain village, together with the municipality of the town and the local organisations. InformaGiovani - IG The association for social promotion “Informagiovani” was established at the end of the year 2001 by a group of volunteers who have been running the city youth information centre of Palermo since November 2000. The association has the following aims: a) foster and promote human and civil rights, with particular attention to child and youth rights; b) promote the right to information and participation of youth; c) defending social and collective rights with particular attention to youth and student rights; d) promoting volunteering as a tool for social change and active citizenship. During its life, the association run different activities of information, training and counselling and, since 2006 has start focusing its activities to promote and develop tools for social inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities. We organize workcamps and youth exchanges since 2006. In particular it has addressed its work to involve disadvantaged youth in local and international voluntary activities in the frame of Youth in Action and Europe for Citizens programmes of the EU. Since 2008 has also established a partnership with the Centre for Social Services for Youth of the Italian Ministry of Justice. In the frame of this partnership, the association has been developing activities to include young offenders in international intercultural activities, in the frame of the social rehabilitation programmes. The association has been coordinating seminars and training on the issue of social inclusion of disadvantaged youth and is accredited as hosting, sending and co-ordinating organization for action two “European Voluntary Service” of Youth in Action.


location Giuliana, Palerme, Italie

Informations supplémentaires

Volunteers need to like farm setting, animals, agriculture



There will be a meeting point in Palermo airport for gathering the group and bringing them to the bus central station where the bus to Giuliana leaves.
Volunteers will go to the bus central station accompanied by the group leader and/or one more person from our office, if needed. 
They need to pay for the train or shuttle + the bus to Giuliana (for both way and return).
Very important. In order to be able to reach Giuliana, volunteers need to be in Palermo airport by 15:00 on the arrival day (the bus leaves at 17:15 from the bus station).  For the departure day, it is recommended to depart from Palermo airport after 13:00 (bus Giuliana to Palermo leaves at 10:00 and arrives in Palermo bus station at 11:15). From here they can take a train or a shuttle to the airport. (bus takes around 50-60 min, train either 51min or 1h05 min) 

For giving you an idea about the local transport costs

From the airport to the central bus/train station - €5,90 (train) or €6,30 (shuttle) - one way

Bus from Palermo to Giuliana - €7,20 one way



Volunteers will experience a regular life in a farm in the countryside. Work is related to agriculture and farming, taking care of animals, repairing, painting, building, harvesting, planting, etc.

Logement & nourriture

International volunteers will be host in the farm in sharing rooms. Volunteers will help in the organisation of the house and in preparing meals

Emplacement & temps libre

Giuliana is a small village not far from the farm reachable by car. An excursion will be organized during the free time