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PAYS Serbie
19/08/2024 28/08/2024
Âge : 18 +
code :  VSS2403
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Thématique EDU,ENVI,RENO
Nombre de volontaires 10 VOLS
Langue eng
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For 54 years, the association of researchers "Vladimir Mandić - Manda" has been gathering young people from Valjevo and beyond who have the desire to learn something more than what they learn in school, but certainly in a much nicer way. Our goals are initiation and support in organizing educational programs for young people, popularization of scientific research work and creativity among young people, encourage young people to be active and take part in organized activities, raising awareness of the need to protect and contribute to the preservation of the environment and historical-cultural heritage in the context of sustainable development, promotion and support for the development of volunteerism as well as contribution to solving problems in the local community, better understanding of peoples and cultures, friendship and peace, creating conditions for improving the position of young people and implementing youth initiatives, as well as advocating for adequate verification and affirmation of results achieved by young people. Young Researchers of Serbia (YRS) was founded in 1976. Our main aims are environmental protection and education, promotion of sustainable development, work with young people in an international context, promotion of scientific creativity and voluntarism and its values. Voluntary Service of Serbia is a volunteer exchange service center founded in 1990 as one of the sectors of YRS.


location Povlen mountain

gare la plus proche


aéroport le plus proche


Itinéraire vers le point de RDV

From Belgrade to Valjevo there are many buses and trains throughout the day (distance: 90 km approximately; duration of trip: between 1h 15 minutes and 2 hours). In Valjevo, there will be organized transport to the camp location on the mountain.

Informations supplémentaires

It is good to be prepared to sleep in tents and to report all allergies, injuries (if there are any). It is important to be at the exact time to the meeting point due to organized transportation. Detailed information will be written in the Infosheet.


The camp actually begins with the preparation of the camp and setting up the tent, when those who have not had the opportunity until then will learn how to assemble the tent and the rules for setting it up. There will be a training workshop where we will talk about public speaking, how to overcome stage fright and how to put together a good presentation for a good lecture. After that, volunteers in groups of two will choose a topic (with the help of professional associates) that they will work on in the first three days of the camp, in order to present the chosen topic for the next four days. The topics will be aimed at solving the problems that we have already mentioned. Work will include mountain trails clean up and the participants will have the possibility of creating posters and involve the local youth to join them.

Logement & nourriture vegetarian

Volunteers will sleep in tents, on mats, which will be provided for them, but it is preferable to bring their own bag. Most of the tents will be for three and four people, but we will also bring one tent for ten people. Volunteers can bring their camping gear which includes all of the above. In case some people do not have their own bags, we can provide them. There will be three or four people on duty every day, who will be in charge of preparing, setting up and serving meals. They will certainly not do it alone, but with the support of camp leaders and researchers.

Emplacement & temps libre

Povlen mountain is situated in Western Serbia, 30 km from the city of Valjevo, and around 120 km from Belgrade, the capital. Its evergreen forests, as well as deciduous, alongside picturesque meadows, leave mark in everybody's heart. Also, the mountain offers many hiking opportunities, which end with breath-taking views from the top. Three highest summits that could be reached easily are: "Veliki Povlen" (Big Povlen; 1271m), "Srednji Povlen" (Middle Povlen; 1301m) and "Mali Povlen" (Small Povlen; 1347m; interesting fact that "The big one" is not the highest, but "The small one"). Also, the summit "Jablanika" is very near the accommodation, so there is another option for relaxing excursion during the free time. It is good to mention that there are few monasteries (even from medieval period) in the surroundings, so the visits to those jewels of the area may also be arranged. There will be, as well, few lectures given by the experienced mountaineers about cultural and natural treasures of the area.