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PAYS Grèce
13/07/2022 23/07/2022
Âge : 15 - 17
code :  ELIX22-02GOTEENS
Thématique ENVI MANU
Nombre de volontaires 9 VOLS
Langue english
Les frais sont à régler en deux fois


ELIX volunteers have been organising projects in Ancient Olympia since 2003. After the great fire of 2007, which destroyed large parts of the surrounding hills of the area, ELIX volunteers were involved in several reforestation projects at the Galani Hill, which restored the natural environment. In the summer of 2021, a new fire burnt down everything on the Galani Hill and ELIX volunteers, will again be engaged in new reforestation next winter, in cooperation with a local environmental Group. Elix - Conservation Volunteers Greece mission ELIX - Conservation Volunteers Greece is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization promoting, since 1987, voluntary service and education. The main goal of ELIX is the personal development of individuals as citizens of the world, through active participation. Environmental protection, cultural heritage conservation, culture promotion and social service are the main thematic fields of ELIX's voluntary projects. aims ELIX aims in bringing together people from different cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds, willing to live, learn and work together as a team, through their participation in voluntary projects of environmental, cultural, social interest. ELIX projects promote intercultural exchanges and offer young people the opportunity to participate actively in the everyday life of a hosting community. activities ELIX organizes two weeks workcamps mainly in the summer; participants offer voluntary work to the hosting community, learn traditional restoration craft and techniques organize and participate in cultural and fun activities, share ideas and speak about their cultures. ELIX workcamps give to communities and small villages of Greece the opportunity to meet and host young people from all over the world and, with their contribution, to implement important projects for the local community. ELIX organizes training seminars for youth workers and campleaders and a lot of activities addressed to volunteers, throughout the year, such as weekend and one-day excursions, environmental, cultural and fun activities, regular volunteers' meetings. ELIX realizes at present three hosting projects within the frame of the European Voluntary Service of the Erasmus+ and each year sends a large number of EVS volunteers abroad. funds ELIX income comes mainly from volunteers participation fees, national and local bodies, such as the Greek General Secretariat for Youth, private institutions or foundations, donations, the Erasmus+ programme and other European projects.


location Archaia Olympia Greece

aéroport le plus proche

Nearest Airport: Athens, Greece

Informations supplémentaires

Camp language is English. The age of participants is 15– 17. As you will be requested to make your country presentation, we ask you to bring some materials: postcards, posters, maps, symbols of your country or region, music or popular national games, etc. typical for your country or region. You will be encouraged to share your hobbies, special skills and interest with other camp participants and local youngsters. The extra fee is 200 Euros and is requested from volunteers to cover the costs of board, lodging, diverse activities as well as administrative and pedagogical staff costs.

What to Bring 

The early summer in Greece is usually quite warn Check on Greek weather:

Here is a list of ideas about what to bring, apart from your personal items (i.e. toiletries and clothing):

  • Loose clothing (preferably, old used ones), which you would not mind getting dirty during work;
  • long pants and long-sleeved shirts to protect if you wish so from insects and sun
  • shorts for work and free time
  • a warm sweater for the evening
  • working shoes for work (a must) and sandals for the free time
  • socks for the working shoes, bring at least 4 pairs, for gardening
  • sunglasses, hat and sunscreen if you need.


Participation fee

Due to the lack of financial support for the project the participation fee of 200 Euros is requested from volunteers to cover the costs of board, lodging, diverse activities as well as administrative and pedagogical costs. This fee is different from sending organization’s fee paid at their home country


Meeting point : 

volunteers must arrive at Athens airport before 3 p.m. 


An important part of your experience is a Community Service Project that is much needed in Olympia. The aim of the project is to restore parts of the Botanical Garden, located near the Archaeological Museum, in order that it is accessible again to lovers of Nature. The tasks involved will be cutting down outgrown vegetation, pruning and thinning bushes of indigenous plants and digging ditches around each one, adding fertilizer and watering. Some planting of new plants might also be organized. The work offered is very important, not only for the local community of Olympia, but as contribution to the cultural heritage of Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, a place of great historical and cultural importance.

Logement & nourriture

Participants will stay in the premises of a big hotel, situated a few hundred yards from the sacred site of Ancient Olympia. You will be hosted in the HOTEL NEDA ( which is located in Ancient Olympia. You will be in shared rooms of three people.

Emplacement & temps libre

In western Peloponnese, in the beautiful valley of the Alpheios river, lies the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece. Dedicated to Zeus, the father of the gods, it sprawls over the southwest foot of Mount Kronion, at the confluence of the Alpheios and the Kladeos rivers, in a lush, green landscape. During this project you will live, share experiences with people from different places of Europe, visit important historical sites of the area and offer some time in a community service project. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the everyday life of Olympia; they may attend different events during the period of their stay like excursions, hiking, guided tours, speeches, empowerment exercises, familiarity with the local community, group activities that will help foster socialization among the participants and give a special identity to the programme. Volunteers during this work-camp will have the opportunity to interact with young people of the local community in round tables, brainstorm and exchange ideas and find ways to making them more aware on local and environmental issues. Part of the experience in this project is to get to know more about other people’s countries, culture, and background. We will organise “Circles of Interest” during some evenings where you will have the opportunity to participate in team building activities and games