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Tlokweng sos village

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Botswana éducation 20.08.2018 31.08.2018 BWA 05 SOS

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Age : 
de 18 à 99 ans
Participants : 
15 volontaires
Frais de participation : 
200 €
Action : 
Chantier International
Description : 

Tlokweng SOS Chidrens` village is located ~10km south east of the centre of Gaborone, capital city of the Republic of Botswana. There is also a SOS centre based in Serowe, which is the home of the first, third and current president of the Republic of Botswana. Serowe is 300 km northeast of capital city of Gaborone. SOS Centre is a home to close to three hundred kids affected by different social ills. These include being homeless after being dumped by their mothers mainly immediately after birth and chased away from home due to in fights in some households. Some of the kids fell to lack of guardianship due to imprisonment of mothers and whilst, some kids escaped the hardships of staying in very poor households living under a dollar daily. The kids at the SOS centre stays in some family like format headed by mothers volunteering at the centre. The family models are done so as to give the kids an opportunity to grow in a family set up like other person. The kids are taught during the day depending on their standards of learning. The centre mainly offers pre-school/kindergarten and primary schooling for free. The SOS centre is having an active working partnership with BWA. BWA had committed itself by assisting in developing a psychological and social development set up at the centre.


The volunteers will assist in the daily education of the kids, gardening, sports coaching & mentoring and general counseling of the kids. Moreover, volunteers can assist the centre on some renovation work that arises and maintain kids` library. Spare time is usually meant for interaction with kids on their music practice sessions. Volunteers can share and exchange different cultural forms during the workcamp.Logement & nourriture: SOS Centre provides accommodation in their shared guest houses. Volunteers are also encouraged to bring their own tents for their privacy. Hot showers and bathrooms/toilets with running water are available.Emplacement & temps libre: SOS Childrens` Village (TLOKWENG & SEROWE)


The work camp participation fee is US $200 per participant, which covers simple work camp meals, arrangements for the whole work camp preparation in terms of communication, electronic mailing and transport for meeting with different stakeholders. BWA organizes transport for participants from the airport in Gaborone to Mochudi (BWA Head Office) at a nominal fee of US$ 30 per participant, where participants are inducted prior to departure to work camps destination.All workcamp orientations are held at BWA head offices. Please, ensure that your travel arrangements would allow at least two days of reaching BWA head office, rightly so, in lieu of rest and orientation before leaving to the workcamp.

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