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Power food

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Islande Environnement 04.09.2017 18.09.2017 SEEDS 120

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Partenaire : 
SEEDS Iceland
Age : 
de 18 à 99 ans
Participants : 
7 volontaires
Frais de participation : 
150 €
Action : 
Chantier International
Description : 

SEEDS volunteers will be working on a project in the beautiful forest Hallormsstaðaskógur,doing nature oriented tasks. This is a great volunteer project for those who love food, outdoors and have opinions about nutrition.


The main tasks will be picking blueberries, stone bramble, and herbs.Volunteers need to be prepared for working and walking in sometimes cold weather. Be prepared to experienceall kinds of weather and bring warm winter clothes as the tasks take place outside and it can get cold. Bringwarm under-layers, waterproofs, walking shoes/boots, a good sleeping bag and gloves.Logement & nourriture: SEEDS volunteers will sleep in a local house, sharing rooms. The apartment is fullyequipped with access to kitchen and bathroom. Please bring your own sleeping bag.Volunteers will receive food supplies and be in charge of the cooking and cleaning activities.Do n ot f orget s ome t raditional/typical f ood f rom your home country for an i nternational evening.Emplacement & temps libre: Hallormsstaðaskógur, the largest wooded area of the country that spreads over 30 ha of land. Thereforestation of the forest has been going on ever since a law for the protection was passed in 1899. The treecollection keeps an extensive variety of foreign trees and is renowned by professionals and travellers. Theoldest p art o f t he w oodland i s a ccessible w ith good hiking trails and explanation signs.The area offers great variety of walking paths, such as to the deepest valley of the country and up to Sandfellwhere the view is quite magnificent. Riding tours up to the mountains or in the woodland are also niceexperiences. Small streams run through the land where children and adults can cool down in warm summerdays.The project is located in the municipality of Fljótsdalshérað, Iceland's easternmost populous municipality; 17 kmfrom the largest town in the Eastern Iceland - Egilsstaðir (population 2600). It is a young town, but which hasbecome the largest town of east Iceland and offers a swimming pool, shops and museums among other mainservices. Egilsstaðir sits on the banks of the Lagarfljót, a large lake and river, believed to be the home of acryptid serpent, called Lagarfljótsormurinn by locals.The East Fjords is a region of a special landscape, dominated by long, narrow fjords and steep mountains andthe wild reindeers of Iceland are found here, the herd counts between three and four thousand animals.

International A irport: 

K eflavík/Reykjavík ( KEF); domestic airport and bus stop i s Egilsstaðir.SEEDS organises the "minibus option", a shared transport from Reykjavík to the camps and vice-versa, whichapart from being cheaper and more convenient, allows volunteers to meet fellow campers and have a relaxedtrip, while stopping on the way for interesting and tourist sites. If you take SEEDS minibus option to and from thecamp location, you will be able to go all around Iceland, as we drive different ways (either North or South) to andfrom the camp.


P articipation f ee E UR 1 50 ( Euros). P lease n ote that these fees are to be paid toSEEDS on arrival in either Euros or Icelandic krónas.Volunteers should have a motivation for working with outdoors and getting to know ways of living in rural areasin Iceland.Our hosting partner will organize free time activities in the surroundings of the project, such as hiking.

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