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Allemagne Environnement 12.08.2017 03.09.2017 15 0 € ijgd 27316

Waldböckelheimer - Wandering And Working In The Summer:

Travail: In the wine-growing district of Waldböckelheim, your help is needed to build a dry stone wall. Traditionally, dry walls are built with natural stones and often found in wine regions. There  (...)

Allemagne Construction - Environnement 01.07.2017 16.07.2017 15 0 € ijgd 57402

Work And Life Adventures – Magdeburg – Werk 4:

Travail: You will be cutting away weeds and cultivating garden plants at the old factory site of the Deutsche Bahn (German train company) – Werk 4 ( A café  (...)

Taïwan éducation - Environnement 10.07.2017 21.07.2017 8 0 € VYA-1716-TFCF

Flying Classroom, The Wonderful Community Life!:

Get to know Taiwan from Tainan! Tainan (literally "Taiwan South"), officially Tainan City, is a special municipality located in southern Taiwan, facing the Taiwan Strait in the  (...)

Italie Agriculture - Rénovation 21.08.2017 04.09.2017 14 0 € LUNAR 21

Bau Mela 2:

PROJECT: The association Bau Mela organizes most of its activities under a mountain area in the heart of Montiferru, where extreme landscape and natural value merge . Since 2011 BAU MELA manages a  (...)

Italie Environnement - Rénovation 01.07.2017 15.07.2017 12 0 € LUNAR 27

Green Sicily:

PROJECT "Giosef Madonie" is a non-profit organization created in Collesano (PA), on June 2016, by a group of University students. The cultural association, has for objectives to  (...)

Japon éducation - Environnement 04.09.2017 12.09.2017 10 0 € NICE-17-154


In peaceful and rich fields, international exchange and farming work! Travail: Volunteers will work at some farms like harvesting vegetables and pears . And also will visit local schools to provide  (...)

Grande Bretagne, Angleterre Agriculture - Enfants - Environnement 19.07.2017 04.08.2017 12 50 € UNA06

Little Bryn Gwyn:

Travail: The volunteers will be doing outdoor work with the children, young people and families from Valleys Kids who will be visiting the project throughout the summer. This work could include  (...)

Grande Bretagne, Angleterre Agriculture - Environnement - Festival 06.08.2017 23.08.2017 5 50 € UNA04


Travail: Volunteers will be working on average between 9.00 and 17.00 each day with weekends off. The main purpose of the workcamp will be in relation to COCA's annual Harvest Party on Saturday  (...)

Grande Bretagne, Angleterre Artistique - Culturel - Éducatif 26.08.2017 09.09.2017 8 50 € UNA08

Sharing The Peace And Goodwill Message:

UNA Exchange is an international volunteering not-for-profit organisation which aims to engage young people in volunteering and learning opportunities and to deliver inclusive volunteering  (...)

Mexique éducation 22.10.2017 04.11.2017 10 100 € AMVIAC-LIBROS

Live Cuautla-take A Book:

The City Council of Cuautla aims to promote reading among the local population and develop the capacities of its inhabitants in the cultural, educational and sports fields. This is the second year of  (...)

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