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Solidarités Jeunesses


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Inde Éducatif - Enfants - Environnement 01.01.2012 31.12.2012 LTV O2 D

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M. Sergio CRIMI
Solidarités Jeunesses
10, rue du 8 Mai 1945
75010 Paris

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Age : 
de 1 à 99 ans
Participants : 
2 volontaires
Frais de participation : 
180 €
Action : 
Volontariat Long Terme
Description : 

Eco-club is a governmental initiative which was introduced 5 years ago in government schools. As part of this initiative, Eco-clubs were formed in schools and the members are comprised of school children. The aim of Eco-club is to introduce environmental concerns and good practices to the school children so as to make them actively involved and to be aware of the necessity to protect nature. However, most government schools lack personnel and financial means to run the Eco-clubs effectively and efficiently. As a result, Eco-clubs have been formed in most schools but they do not function as these should have been.

Hence, the FSL India-Eco-Clubs projects were initiated with an objective of supporting schools, the children and the teachers. Since August 2008, volunteers have run a 5-sessions programme in different schools in the surrounding areas of Kundapur for the children in the 8th standard. These sessions combine theoretical and practical learning methods and input. Children those who have been trained this year, will train the next batch of children to run the Eco clubs. At the moment we have a potential of about 200 children ready to pursue our work.

As a volunteer your task will be to design and run the sessions in the schools with the help of other volunteers, a field assistant and teachers. You will have to be creative, innovative and love for children, as they are the primary stakeholders of the project. You will also get the chance to work with the local community in order to organize some outdoor events for the children.


Accommodation for volunteers can either be at the project, in a local host family or in a hostel –
Depending on the project, location and availability.

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